Eliza Brown


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Two new recordings are coming in 2015! Apart Together will be included on the debut album of Dúo Lisus, who will present the album at the 2015 World Saxophone Congress in Strasbourg, France in July. Between Clouds will be included on a solo album by pianist Mabel Kwan, for whom the piece was written. Mabel recently performed the piece at EMPAC on April 11 as part of Pianoply.

In progress: a new work for International Contemporary Ensemble (to be premiered in July at the Walden School in Dublin, NH as part of Walden’s Faculty Commissioning Project) and the remaining scenes of The Body of the State, a monodrama about the purported insanity and involuntary imprisonment of Spanish Queen Juana of Castile. Scene II was performed in August 2014 at the Darmstadt Contemporary Opera Workshop (photo gallery).