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piano, 9-25 sustaining instruments




Commissioned by a·pe·ri·od·ic

for performance during the hour of sunset on the summer solstice

Premiered by a·pe·ri·od·ic, June 21, 2018, Buchanan Chapel at Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago, IL



















Masque-Rondeau is a work for 10-26 performers (piano plus sustaining instruments) in which groups of performers gradually spread out across the room, shifting, re-organizing, and dispersing, while filling the space with long swells. The pianist acts as a conductor through a series of musical cues, triggering the different movements and changing roles of the other players. The performers play slow, overlapping chords, at times in concord with other groups and at others creating piquant clashes deliberately reminiscent of 17th-century Restoration music. - a·pe·ri·od·ic

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