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Through the Eye(s)

Multiple authors/composers (see below)

  • A 30' extractable cycle of nine pieces for speaking and singing percussionist

  • Written for and developed in collaboration with percussionist Bonnie Whiting

  • Premiere 11/8/2021, Thompson Recital Hall, DePauw University, Greencastle, IN

  • click here for texts

The music and texts of Through the Eye(s) were created by the participants in a semester-long course Eliza taught at Indiana Women's Prison in Fall 2019. All of the texts respond in some way to the project's collectively determined theme, "calm and storm." 

1. Calm and Storm (2’)                                                    Performance video of selected movements:

Text by Whittney (CoCo) Bales-Malone

Music by Eliza Brown


2. Nightly Storm (4’30”)

Music and text by Ashley Strong


3. Lost in the Fog (3’30”)

Text by Marjorie Woods

Music by Eliza Brown


4. My Tunnel (3-5’)

Graphic score and text by Ingrid Swinford


5. Violent Passion (2’15”)

Music and text by Char’Dae Avery


6. Fortitude (2’15”)

Music and text by LaDawn Johnson


7. Who’s That? (4’)

Improvisatory score and text by Dawnetta Taylor (Shelton)


8. HER (3’30”)

Music and lyrics by Lara Campbell


9. Emergence (1’)

Music and text by Amaris Rose Bunyard and Joyce (Potter) Hawkins




















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