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Chris Wild & Ensemble Dal Niente

Navona, 2014


The debut album of cellist Chris Wild (joined on several tracks by his colleagues from Ensemble Dal Niente) includes Eliza’s Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen for cello, soprano, and electronics. It also features music by Chinary Ung, Claude Vivier, Andrew Greenwald, Daniel Dehaan, and Marcos Balter.

















“Eliza Brown’s Ich ben der welt abhanden gekommen – a work for cello, soprano, and electronics inspired by Gustav Mahler’s setting of the same Rückert text – was, for this listener, the most fascinating and revelatory on the disc…. This is art song that alternates between feeling like Mahler and feeling like Mahler played through a radio on the moon.”


   – Ellen McSweeney, New Music Box, review of “Abhanden”










One Poetic Switch

Ben Melsky/

Ensemble Dal Niente

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