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Ben Melsky/Ensemble Dal Niente

New Focus, 2019


Harpist Ben Melsky's album of solo and duo works for harp and other instruments includes Eliza’s On-dit for harp and voice. It also features music by Wang Lu, Fred Gifford, Tomás Gueglio, Alican Çamcı, and Igor Santos.

















"On-dit by Eliza Brown, for soprano and harp, fuses scratchy sounds from the harp and breath of the voice in the introductory section to create a fused timbre of the two elements, which blossoms into Melsky’s impeccable playing and a top-tier performance by soprano Amanda DeBoer Bartlett singing a fragmented text by Voltaire. The piece is an appropriate closing to the album, as Brown’s single composition - as well as the performances by DeBoer Bartlett and Melsky - is delicate though intense, broad in scope yet amazingly focused and executed with the utmost skill..." - Jon Fielder, album review on KLANG New Music

"On-Dit (2014), Eliza Brown’s piece incorporating a short fragment of text by Voltaire, closes the album with dynamic writing for harp accompanied by an hypnotic vocal part sung by soprano Amanda DeBoer Bartlett. It’s a mysterious yet energizing conclusion to a landmark recording for Melsky’s chosen instrument." - Jeremy Shatan, album review on ANEARFUL












One Poetic Switch

Ben Melsky/

Ensemble Dal Niente

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