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clarinet, percussion, violin, and cello




Commissioned by Classical Music Indy in 2023 for the Micro Composition Project

Premiered by Forward Motion, August 26, 2023, Indianapolis, Indiana

Dedicated to Antonia Contro

sussurra—a form of the verb meaning "to whisper" in Italian—is a collaboration with visual artist Antonia Contro. Starting with a commission from Classical Music Indy's Micro Composition Project in 2023, sussurra is a ca. 5-minute piece of music for clarinet, percussion, violin, and cello written in response to Antonia's small sculpture of a found leaf, foglia.


In the video adaptation, produced by Jon Satrom of studiothread, foglia and wooden art forms are "activated" by breath and music.

sussurra can be performed live as a stand-alone piece of music, or with video. 

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